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About me

My name is Gwénaël, I am  French and come from the Breton countryside, from Finistère to be precise, which literally means “the end of the earth”. Among other things, Brittany has a beautiful and wild coastal landscape that I have always been in love with. I have incredibly fun childhood memories of nature: building huts in the woods and experimenting in our vegetable garden. Those are my roots and probably also the first building blocks of Evergreen Design because it was there, in Brittany, that my senses and curiosity for nature were stimulated for years.

Between 2004 and 2009, I studied sports science and French language and culture in France and in Spain. I now enjoy speaking and working in Dutch, Spanish, English and, of course, in French, my mother tongue.

I arrived in The Hague in 2009. I enjoy living in the Valkenboskwartier together with my girlfriend Nathalie and my two young kids Elio and Mila.

I have been working in education for over 10 years as a French teacher and teacher trainer but also as the author of a French teaching method. Being in front of the classroom is something I still enjoy doing. 

In 2019, I attended the one-year course entitled Permaculture Design Course at Permacultuurcentrum Den Haag. That was an eye-opener! It brought a holistic and analytical view to designing a natural edible garden that I deepened through books and other courses.

In 2020, I was at the initiative of a neighbourhood edible garden, De Groene Zon, in The Hague (The Netherlands). This urban garden is based on permaculture principles.

In September 2023, I started Evergreen Design which will allow me to contribute personally to a more sustainable city.

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