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Steps Leading to the Realisation


Step 1 - Non-Binding Initial Consultation

Personal contact is important to me, which is why I will be delighted to come to your home to meet and discuss your project. This appointment is free and without obligation.

During this meeting, I will ask you questions to get a concrete picture of what are your wishes and what is your budget. I will also take some measurements and observe your garden as it stands, and take some pictures.


Step 2 - Quotation

You will then receive a quotation for the design. Do you agree with the quotation? Fine, then let our garden adventure begin!

If you have also chosen to have me doing the landscaping, then you will receive an initial price range.


Step 3 - Observation & Site Survey 

Before the design phase starts, I will come and observe your garden again and will carry out a detailed analysis of the site (soil composition, acidity, sun & shade areas, etc.). I will make new measurements and take photos. With all this information, I will proceed with the creative design phase.


Step 4 - Sketch Design

You will receive a sketch design with two scenarios for your garden design. We will then discuss together each scenario. Finally, you will select which one is your favourite.


Step 5 - Final Design

I go back to the drawing board to finalise the chosen design. Together with the design, you will be sent the corresponding list of materials and plants.

If you wish, you will also receive a document with advice on maintenance.

Now that the design phase is finished and that you have the drawings, a definitive quotation can be provided to you for the realisation of your project.


Step 6 - Realisation of your Project

You can choose to realise the project yourself or have it done by or through me depending on the project.


Step 7 - Evaluation & Visit

When everything is blooming, I will be very happy to come for a visit to admire with you the first results.

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